As Australia’s leading noise control specialist, Flexshield is often called upon to provide solutions for soundproofing rooftop chillers and plant decks.

Chillers and plant decks are extremely noisy during operation with very few natural barriers to absorb the sound. Chillers, with their tendency to kick in and out, can be particularly loud and disruptive; therefore, finding a suitable attenuating and remediation solution for noisy HVAC units requires considerable thought.

Every noise problem needs a solution to be tailored to the specific situation – the one-size-fits-all approach will not work when it comes to rooftop noise barriers. Each rooftop acoustic screen has to be assessed on its own merits and customised to the particular noise problem.

The Flexshield range of rooftop acoustic screens includes noise barriers, noise walls and acoustic louvres. Working from a roof layout plan and plant deck plan, with access to elevations and an acoustic report, the Flexshield team can design the perfect noise barrier solution incorporating full steel surrounds, soundproof baffles and acoustic louvres among others.

Key benefits of Flexshield noise barriers and acoustic screens include exceptional noise reduction while ensuring ventilation for the chillers and generators, and releasing any built-up heat and fumes; and simple maintenance/ repairs enabled for the acoustic screens with convenient access points.

Flexshield recommends their acoustic screens for a wide range of projects and applications from new constructions to refurbishments.