Flexshield provided one of the highest temporary noise walls in Australia to a Brisbane contractor as an efficient sound control solution.

Rosenlund Contractors sought a solution from Flexshield for their project in Brisbane, which would offer protection against the extreme noise levels. Flexshield supplied an 18m high x 36m long temporary noise wall for the company to use throughout the construction process.

Flexshield’s temporary noise barriers or sonic curtains combine both sound block and sound absorption technologies in a single flexible soundproof curtain panel to maximise noise reduction.

Recommended for providing temporary noise reduction for industrial and construction/ demolition works, Flexshield’s sonic curtains are also ideal for controlling machinery noise from compressors, saws drills or generators; earth and road works noise; and noise during refurbishments on occupied buildings.

Quick and easy to install, Flexshield’s temporary noise barriers suit both short and long term applications; are fire- and weather-proof; and can be hung from temporary site fencing and scaffolding.