Flexitank , also known as Flexitank (Australia) or FTA has recently launched its new website. The new website features easy to read text and a range of information regarding FTA’s products and services.

The site covers:

  • Variety of products that FTA manufacture, including static pillow tanks (flexitanks), ContainerPac disposable flexitanks, RainPac flexitanks, inflatable marker buoys and more.
  • A range and multitude of information regarding tank sizes for various applications for a variety of liquids
  • An ideal array of gallery images highlighting FTA’s manufacturing process and some of the highly skilled products we manufacture.

The site is geared for all types of enquiries, including commercial, industrial, military and retail enquiries. FTA now has its own access to the site, which was developed in conjunction with Click Creative, a Melbourne based web developer, meaning information can and will be constantly updated, and information on new products will reach FTA client base in a far better manner than what had occurred historically.