Flexitank  (Australia) recently completed the design, manufacture and delivery of 4 x 100,000 litre flexible pillow bladder tanks to a Newcastle construction company.

Some features of the flexible tanks included:

  • The actual flat size of 12 x 9.5 metres meant that the full height of the pillow tanks was capped at 1.2 metres, thus limiting the pressure on each bladder tank at capacity
  • 2 x 100mm BSP threaded stainless steel fittings as inlet/outlets for a maximum flow rate both in and out of the pillow tanks
  • 1 x 38mm automatic ventilation point centrally located allowing pressure to escape while not allowing any liquid to bypass through the vent
  • 24 tie handles along the sides of the pillow tank to help to move and position the empty tank, as well as fix and hold the tank in place when filled
  • Reinforced PVC ground sheets and protective covers to help increase the life span of the flexible tanks
  • All fabrics used in the construction of the tanks are UV stabilised and are fire retardant, offering maximum safety protection
The advantages of pillow tanks in this application include:

  • The positioning costs were reduced, as were set up and deployment times
  • The pillow tanks offer a short, medium and long term storage option
  • Order date to delivery date and deployment was less than three working weeks, meaning site downtime was reduced and construction started ahead of schedule
  • As the pillow tanks in a packaged state fold down to approximately 1/10th of full size, freight was completed by TNT Road Express in three days with minimal cost involved
Flexitank (Australia) manufactures a range of flexible pillow tank bladders for a variety of applications ranging in capacities from 35 to 100,000 litres, and pillow tanks can also be manifolded together to create large amounts of storage for relatively small set up costs.

Standard bladders are available for irrigation and potable water (to AS4020 drinking water standards), diesel fuel and Avgas, recycled and waste water, as well as an array of chemicals and fertilisers. Bladders can be manufactured to meet strict EPA regulations, and Flexitank (Australia) is an officially recognised Australian Defence Force supplier, meaning every tank is tested in excess of 3psi in a free form state, which is the same standard applied to Defence specific works.