Firefree Systems Australasia , a part of International Fire Resistant Systems, has devised fire retardant FF88 for the deterioration of fire in fire prone areas. FF88 finds applications in construction, insulation as well as transportation sectors. This fire retardant can be easily used in retrofit construction.

Retrofit construction involves conversion of various buildings for different uses, like allocation of space, which requires the installation of fire safety measures. FF88 is an ideal fire retardant that proves to be useful in retrofit constructions. This intumescent coating can be applied in coats in case of demolishing or rebuilding.

FF88 developed by Firefree Systems Australasia is an intumescent coating that can be used for the preservation of various historical monuments. FF88 fire retardant provides fire safety which contributes to the historical integrity of the structure. Various litigating defective constructions can be easily minimised by coating the building with these intumescent coatings.

Architects, engineers and contractors employ the usage of these fire retardants in the initial stage of building construction. Usage of FF88 provided by Firefree Systems Australasia provides good fireproofing and it also helps in the reduction of structural weight. Foam products which encourage fast fire spread can be easily reduced by coating FF88 over these foam panels. FF88 coating offers good adhesive properties and also prevents ignition of the foam panels.