Firefree Systems Australasia  is a part of International Fire Resistant Systems and it specialises in developing fire retardants. FF88 is one such fire retardant that has been developed by Firefree Systems Australasia. It is a fully tested and proven retardant with a cost effective fire resistant technology. FF88 provides unique performance and has passed fire industry’s stringent tests. It limits the smoke propagation and has achieved this by limiting the combustibility of the room.

FF88 can be applied with ease using a brush, roller or a sprayer. This water based latex fire retardant does not require the use of any special equipment and can be cleaned in minimal time. It can be tinted onto any colour.

FF88 provided by Firefree Systems Australasia can also be applied easily over existing paints and wall papers. FF88 can be applied onto a substrate for fire protection. It is advantageous due to the fact that on application to a substrate, FF88 prevents the spread of fire on walls and ceilings.

Using FF88 also ensures reduction of the fuel load in the room. It also helps in alteration of time per temperature curve which reaches a peak value and then deteriorates. Retardation rate of FF88 depends on amount of the FF88 applied as well as the conditions of fire in that fire prone area.