F.E.W Waterproofing used spray-applied elastomeric liquid waterproofing membranes on the roof of a residential construction featuring a challenging design.

The project featured a free-form unconventionally shaped timber flat roof that required waterproofing. The roof could be viewed from an upper second level and therefore had to look aesthetically pleasing; being a flat roof the membrane had to withstand ‘ponding’ water as well as become watertight. 

The irregular design also created complex roof flashings and gutters, making traditional waterproofing membranes such as sheet and torch-on unsuitable for the application.

The spray-applied elastomeric liquid waterproofing membranes conformed and moulded to the substrate’s shape, creating a uniform monolithic and seamless waterproofing barrier. The elastomeric membrane’s extreme flexibility allows for general building movement and contraction and expansion of the roof.

The Liquid Rubber application solves many problems encountered by conventional sheet and torch-on membranes.

Key benefits of Liquid Rubber include fast application, no flames, cost effective, proven technology, allows building movement, elasticity of 1100%, total adhesion and environment-friendly properties. 

Liquid Rubber is used for all building structures; below ground tanking; balconies, roofs and planter boxes; and metal constructions, tunnels and bridges among many more.

F.E.W Waterproofing is a Certified Liquid Rubber Applicator based in Melbourne.