F.E.W Waterproofing decided to use the high performance Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane for a timber structure in Victoria.

Liquid Rubber is an external wall and roof waterproofing product that provides seamless and fully bonded water protection for the entire roof and vertical walls.

F.E.W Waterproofing was contracted to supply and install a textured waterproof membrane for the external walls and roof of a residential timber structure in Victoria featuring an irregular, complex and curved architectural design. 

Being a liquid applied waterproof membrane, Liquid Rubber created a seamless and flexible coating that moulded and conformed to the curved irregular timber structure. The elastic nature of Liquid Rubber ensures that the membrane will move with the building, not crack or pull loose from the surface it is adhered to, while also providing a permanent waterproof barrier.

Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane is also UV- and salt-resistant, and highly durable, lasting more than three times longer compared to other products.

Liquid Rubber solves many of the problems encountered by conventional sheet and Torch-On membranes. Key benefits include no flames or torches, cost effective, proven technology, speed of application, total bond to roof, environment-friendly, and elasticity of 1100%. The waterproof membrane also allows building movement.

F.E.W Waterproofing is an Australia Certified Applicator for Liquid Rubber systems.

Liquid Rubber can be used for all building structures; below ground tanking; balconies, roofs and plantar boxes; and metal constructions, tunnels and bridges among many applications.