Fallshaw Wheels and Castors  are suppliers of Albion heavy duty castor wheels, engineered to carry loads from 680kg to 9000kg in a range of applications.

Depending on the selected series of heavy duty castor wheel chosen, these wheels feature top plates and yokes constructed from cold formed 6mm steel plate right through to 25mm thick heat treated steel plate. 

The swivel configurations of these heavy duty castor wheels offer load races from 19mm to 279mm in diameter, and the axles range in size from 12mm to 63mm.

Albion's range of heavy duty castor wheels feature many bearing and locking wheel and brake options, as well as wheel and tread materials. Selected models also offer antimicrobial wheels suitable for use in the medical, food, and pharmaceutical environments.

Albion's heavy duty castors are ideal for applications such as

  • conveyors
  • heavy duty power drawn equipment
  • heavy duty dumpsters
  • aircraft assembly and maintenance equipment
  • gantries
  • hangar doors; and
  • fuel cell transport.