Available now from Fallshaw Wheels and Castors , Trinity Castors are new product in the company's range of castor wheels.

Featuring contemporary styling and a twin wheel design, Trinity castor wheels are constructed from fibre reinforced, impact resistant engineering polymers with steel pintle and precision bearings. Fallshaw Wheels and Castors can also provide a stainless steel corrosion free option suitable for shower chairs and high pressure steam cleaning equipment.

These castor wheels also feature a fixed brake position. This means that the brake pedal will not swivel with the castor and will always be within reach.

Furthermore, there are three brake positions in one with Trinity castor wheels thanks to an advanced braking mechanism designed to provide strong braking performance with soft touch actuation. By pushing the brake handle up the castor wheel is directionally locked, by leaving it in the neutral position the wheel is allowed to swivel and move freely, and with the prake handle pushed down the wheel is completely locked.

Available in two standard colourways as well as custom colours and branding options, Trinity castor wheels are also available with 12mm threaded pintles as well as plate mounting.

Other key features of Trinity Castor wheels include:

  • three year warranty
  • 150 kg load rating
  • extremely short swept radius.