Monster Frame is a pre-manufactured structure, by Face Visual Marketing Group , that can be assembled in any size to display Giga prints and billboard banners.

It is designed to be wall or scaffold mounted and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It has a multitude of banner fixings that allow for quick and easy replacement of imagery without the need for any tools.

Removing Monster Frame outdoor billboard banner signage is as simple as its installation and thus can be moved from site to site and even reconfigured into a different size.

Monster Frame extrusion is available in pre-manufactured format for assembly on-site.  With a range of billboard banner fixings the user can choose to have an eyeleted or cut to image banner.

The user is not restricted to vinyl and a Monster Frame outdoor billboard banner signage can handle any material of choice.

If free wall space is available, the user can advertise in house products and services or generate advertising revenue by selling the space to others.

Face Visual Marketing Group’s NightGLO print process adds a new dimension to graphics. A standard banner can be transformed to have certain elements that will light up at night. One can have hidden content that is only visible at night.