Face Visual Marketing Group  has introduced a signage product from Italy, the Pressto Sign Display.

The Pressto Sign Display is suitable for a huge range of applications, especially in the retail sector.

Consisting of a base unit for displaying rigid graphic panels, the stylish yet functional design of the Pressto Sign Display allows you to incorporate other panelling to create a countless number of display structures – a signpost, an advertising banner, a partition wall or a decorative element for interior and exterior environments.

One of the major features of the the Pressto Sign Display is that its anodised aluminium profile can be combined with panels of different materials, such as wood, metal, glass, stone, marble or synthetics. This will help you achieve a customised look to compliment your existing décor.

The design of the Pressto Sign Display also allows for maximum flexibility, any material with the thickness of 1mm to 30mm can be locked in safely. The knurled head screw also allows for easy adjustments. Rubber lace is also a part of the design which acts as a protection for your panels as well as anti-slip pads for the entire display.

The Pressto Sign Display can be ordered in standard or customised sizes.