MS24 for industrial/trade use is suitable for ladders up to 22 inches (55cms) wide and can be used with or without Stopper Feet.

Stopper Feet with integrated stile extenders can be fitted permanently or temporarily to any ladder.

Used with or without MS24.

Feet by themselves perform same function as STO18. Helps prevent bottom slip on all surfaces including uneven ones.

Used in conjunction with MS24 becomes the Multistopper System which:

  • Helps prevent bottom slip
  • Helps prevent top movement
  • Levels on all surfaces; uneven, sloping, and with insert can be used on stairs
  • Fastens the Stopper base to the ladder

The Multistopper is for ladder safety and it incorporates self levelling with an anti slip technology.

The Multistopper is available from European Building Innovations.