European Building Innovations  presents two innovative products to Australia: the Ladder Stopper and Ladder Clamps.

The Ladder Stopper has been proven to help prevent ladder related accidents. Tested on surfaces to working environments, the Ladder Stopper prevents slipping of the foot of the ladder when up to 451kg is placed on the top rung.

The large area base increases grip and the aluminium upright prevents ladders from rotating which is the cause of Flip failure.

How and why does it work?

A ladder is kept in place by downward, frictional forces which work at the point of contact between the ladder feet and the ground.

If this frictional force is overcome by the load on the ladder, the ladder will slip without warning, usually resulting in injury to the ladder user.

Traditional ladders have two small areas (usually two square inches each) of contact with the ground, being the rubber feet.

The feet provide only a small surface area in which frictional forces can operate and the weight of the ladder and user are concentrated on these small points. This is one reason rubber feet on ladders wear away quickly, making the feet less capable of creating appropriate frictional forces required to resist slipping.

Compared with ladder feet, the wide based Ladder Stopper distributes the weight of the ladder and its user over a larger surface area. Spreading weight over a larger surface area allows a great point of contact with the ground and therefore, great frictional forces to prevent the feet of ladders from slipping.

Frictional forces are proportional to the downward weight placed on the ladder. Consequently, the heavier the user the better the Ladder Stopper will grip. You are safer on two square feet of a Ladder Stopper than two square inches of ladder feet.

The ultimate Ladder Clamp is a very simple and effective product. This product allows you to securely fix your ladders to roof racks. There is no need to use straps, ropes or tape again. The clamps come as a set of two and can be used to clamp down two ladders at a time.

Padlocks can be fitted to the clamps so that your expensive ladders remain secure. The ultimate Ladder Clamp takes no more than 60 seconds to fit or remove and is easily stored when not in use.

Come to the Safety in Action expo, at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, to see these innovative products and our other ladder safety items. European Building Innovations will be located in the Height Safety section at stand i49 and will also be demonstrating our anti-slip devices on the main stage Tuesday the 29th at 12.30pm. 

They encourage you to come along and test the life saving anti-slip devices yourself.