Available from Eurofurst , Metro Box FS4200 fall arm awnings are ideal for facades, conservatories and balconies, offering all-round protection.

Metro Box awnings will provide sufficient shade without completely blocking out daylight or obscuring the view.

The sloping cover has a solid construction that can be used for window recesses, on balconies or even as vertical shading in conservatories.

The awning’s protective box can be closed completely to protect the retracted awnings from dirt and the elements and it can be supplied in a round or square design. Metro Box fall arm awnings can also be installed without the protective box.

The lateral aluminium drop arms with integrated spring elements guarantee perfect tensioning of the fabric in every projection position from 0° to 150°.

Metro Box window awnings can be gear and crank operated and can be supplied in a range of dimensions:

  • Minimum width 40cm
  • Maximum width 450cm
  • Minimum projection 50cm
  • Maximum projection 125cm
The awnings can also be supplied in a range of powder coated colours with numerous fabric options to choose from.

Additional information is available from Eurofurst.