The new Alfresco terrace awnings available from Eurofurst have been specifically designed for covering outdoor areas with a retractable fabric cover that offers all weather protection.

Alfresco terrace awnings, designed in Europe for their smoking bans, will find most applications in Australia for sidewalk restaurants.

The maximum sloping extension of Alfresco terrace awnings is six metres. If attached to a three metre metal shop awning there will be nine metres of clear space underneath the terrace awning.

The maximum width of Alfresco terrace awnings is five metres, but multiple units can be used side by side for all weather protection due to the integrated gutters.

The fabric of the terrace awnings can also cover the vertical face and integrated halogen light rail is for evening use. The integrated locking system for the front bar allows resistance to class 3 wind and class 2 rain, even at shallow slopes.

Fire retardant and waterproof fabric is available for the Alfresco terrace awnings.