Era Polymers  provides different types of polyurethane elastomers, which vary in their performance, chemical backbone and hardness. The polyurethane elastomer portfolio includes variety of elastomers that range from sprayable elastomers to rubber binders.

Erapol E Series from Era Polymers is a high performance TDI. This polyether based prepolymer is known to be designed specially to react with Ethacure or MOCA resulting in the production of high performance polyurethane elastomers.

Erapol EHP Series is known to be suitable for dispensing machines. Erapol E series is known to be typically used for various mining applications including pump impellers, high wear areas, pipe lines, screens, etc.

Erapol ECP Series is known to possess solvent and mechanical resistance features. The ECP Series of polymers are known to exhibit low temperature flexibility. ECP Series features wear characteristics, high tensile strength and high tear strength.

Erapol EMD RB series of rubber binder is aimed to encompass a broad spectrum of velocities and reactivities making it suitable for various conditions and applications. Erapol EMD RB series is known to be congruent with a broad spectrum of rubber sizes and types making it suitable for any process in the rubber binding industry. The typical applications of Erapol EMD RB series include children play areas, rubber mats and sports fields.