Vortex mixers from Era Polymers are designed to mix and de-gas difficult to blend materials over a wide range of viscosities with no blades in seconds. Era Polymers is the exclusive distributor for the Vortex range of mixers in Australia and New Zealand.

Manufactured by Statemix in Canada, Vortex mixers use dual axis centrifugal mixing to produce a tremendous shear force, eliminating the need for blades and also minimising clean-up of the equipment.

The Vortex range of centrifugal mixers is suitable for blending, among others, polyurethanes, silicones, inks, waxes, filled polymers, and epoxies. 

The Vortex mixer range starts with the Vortex VM-200, a benchtop lab machine capable of mixing and degassing up to 200g of material, to the largest Vortex mixer, the VM-10000, which is ideal for large production runs and capable of mixing and degassing up to 10kg of material.