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    Era Polymers; Australia’s International Polyurethane Company, has one of the most diverse polyurethane product ranges in the world; manufacturing over 700 polyurethane products locally.

    Included in Era Polymers vast range of Polyurethanes Products are:

    • Urethane Coatings from Era Polymers offering a wide variety of coatings to enhance timber, parquetry, cork and concrete.
    • Era Polymers supplying Polyurethane for the construction industry from Green Mountain (est. 1987) including products to stop water leaks; repair cracks or joints in concrete structures, as well as products suitable for Soil Stabilisation.
    • Era Polymers versatile spray applied linings for metal, concrete and geotextile. 
    • Icynene® Spray Foam from Era Polymers– A soft spray foam insulation and air barrier, which creates a superior air-seal effectively minimising air leakage to deliver advanced moisture control, healthy air, and energy savings of up to 50%.

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