Era Polymers  has introduced the Graco Reactor E-30i and E-XP2i integrated proportioning systems into the Australian market.

Suitable for polyurethane foam or polyurea applications, the E-30i and E-XP2i integrated system combines an electric reactor with a diesel generator to offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective spray machine.

Graco Reactor E-30i and E-XP2i integrated proportioning systems offer several advantages including reduced costs, minimal set-up effort, enhanced spray performance and improved productivity thanks to advanced control technology with display.
Reduced costs 
  • Heat from diesel engine used to heat A and B materials
  • No heaters or only a small heater required
  • System requires a 20kw generator
  • Compact, portable design, requiring only a smaller trailer for transportation
Minimal set up 
  • Pre-wired with components already selected and installed
  • Improved heating capacity requires only a single pass through the exchanger for the material to be ready for spraying
Improved productivity  
  • Advanced control technology with display
  • Improved spray performance from consistent pressure at gun
  • Tracks project information
  • Data can be downloaded to USB for further analysis
  • Drum fluid levels indicate low level alert
  • Gives daily chemical output
  • Saves key setup data for up to 24 chemical recipes
  • Offers on-screen troubleshooting advice
  • Can be programmed to shut down automatically if chemicals are low or pressure imbalance occurs
Era Polymers will be showcasing the Reactor E-30i and E-XP2i with a series of demonstrations from 4th to 20th June 2012.