Available from ERA Polymers , the Eracast RT range of cold castable polyurethanes have good flexibility and abrasion resistance, and are ideally suited to concrete moulding and outdoor applications.

Eracast RT cold castable polyurethanes have low viscosity, allowing for easy processing, and excellent resistance to crazing and cracking. They are free from MOCA and flammable solvents and can be processed at room temperatures as well as elevated temperatures. Cold castable polyurethanes are exceptionally tough and have convenient mix ratios.

Eracast cold castable polyurethanes are ideal for use in a number of applications, including but not limited to:

  • concrete moulds
  • concrete stamp pads
  • shock and sound dampening pads
  • washers
  • gaskets
  • general moulds; and
  • electrical insulation.
Even intricate designs that have complex shapes are easily achieved using the Eracast RT range of cold castable polyurethanes from ERA Polymers.