Concertina roof space ladders from Enzie Stairs have an exclusive telescoping action. This means that these ladders are ideal for use in small spaces and hard to get at places. These ladders can even be concealed in wardrobes or cupboards because they do not have the arc of swing of a conventional ladder and their rolling action allows the operator to pull the ladder out at the correct angle.

Concertina roof space ladders are made from aluminium and mounted on a wooden hatch and box. The wooden hatch has been insulated and comes with a built in draft seal and lock as standard. The stair treads are compact and are 95 mm wide. They have a special non-slip pattern and are comfortably spaced 280 mm apart when the ladder is fully extended.

The roof space ladders come completely assembled. Once the opening in the roof is completed the ladder itself only takes minutes to install. They are completely self contained and simply fold away inside the insulated hatch.

Transform roof space into convenient storage space with a concertina roof space ladder from Enzie Stairs.