Enzie Stairs  is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of spiral staircases, well-known for their design innovations across the world.  

Back in August 2009, Stuart Brown of Chairbiz entered the Enzie Stairs showroom looking for a staircase for his showroom that would connect two levels while architecturally enhancing the showroom space. He also had a photograph of a staircase in Denmark that he hoped Enzie would build for him.  

Stuart also wanted the staircase in place for the event, Saturday In Design held in Melbourne each year.  

Around the same time, Bryan and William Mackenzie of Enzie Stairs were seeking a launch platform for their newest and most innovative creation to date, the columnless spiral staircase.  

As it turned out, the staircase that the team was working on was exactly what Stuart had in mind.  

Very soon into the conversation, Enzie and Stuart knew that they could both benefit greatly from working together. Enzie saw this as an opportunity to publicise their new range of columnless spiral staircases, and Stuart knew he had come to the right place for his staircase.  

After several meetings and detailed discussions with Stuart’s architect, Ettore Ribioni of In2 Space, all the particulars such as size, layout, style, finish and final details for the new staircase were worked out.  

Key features of the spiral staircase included:

  • Comcork treads in black: Comcork is a very durable material made of recycled wine corks and comes with a 25-year guarantee. Black was selected because of the contrasting look against the white background of the sweeping plaster balustrade.
  • The balustrade was finished with a new product from Taubman's called Endure. This product is known for its durability as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Since it was a commercial space, it was decided that the stairs would be 1 metre wide and 3 metres in diameter, capable of comfortably fitting two people across in order to accommodate heavy traffic and enable two-way access.

Thanks to Enzie’s patented system, the structure of the stair was assembled in one day. It was business as usual for Chairbiz, while the stair was finished onsite.  

Doing the erection and installation work out of business hours was not an issue since the staircase, as with all of Enzie’s spiral staircases had a significant part of the erecting work completed in the factory.  

This meant that a home handyman, builder or a tradesman could install Enzie’s spiral staircases in a single day. Chairbiz was able to remain functional during the installation period without closing for renovation.  

At the end of the installation, Chairbiz had a beautiful, flowing staircase that looked as if it had been poured from the second floor to the first in a graceful sweep, all in time for unveiling at Saturday In Design 2010.  

Exposed from underneath, the black Comcork treads provide a mirrored feeling that is further enhanced by the bank of windows cascading light down through the open core, which spills it gently onto the showroom floor.  

Enzie’s columnless spiral staircase at once evokes elegance, panache and simplicity.  

Enzie Stairs is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Australian Design Award and BHP Award for Consumer Products in addition to being one of the finalists for the Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design.