The improved high performance, recycled Green Back cushion backing system is an innovation from Enviratile that underlines the company’s commitment to the environment. The Green Back cushion backing system for carpets provides the ultimate in comfort and performance, and is fully recycled.

Going ‘green’ is not just a buzzword at Enviratile with the company committed to improving every aspect of their products. The Green Back cushion backing system, which is exclusive to Enviratile, is engineered from post-consumer PET waste such as discarded water drinks bottles.

The Green Back technology ensures an environment-friendly recycling solution at the front end of the product lifecycle. One square metre of carpet with Green Back keeps up to 45 plastic drinks bottles out of landfill, helping minimise waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

Enviratile’s Green Back cushion backing system additionally delivers significant performance improvements over hardback products using bitumen or PVC. Key benefits include improved comfort; ability to better absorb foot impact and reduce leg muscle fatigue; excellent acoustic performance; reduced wear due to improved stability and resilience; lighter than comparable bitumen and PVC carpet tiles; and very low VOC emissions.