Enviratile has added two new colours to their fabulous range of Colour Splash carpet tiles.

Enviratile has now expanded the potential of colour co-ordinated design with new colour options. The Colour Splash range of carpet tiles is available in Green Back cushion backed tiles or hard back.

The spectacular Colour Splash range is a collection of colour highlight designs based on the Surbiton pattern and designed to co-ordinate with Colour Strike and Colour Shift ranges.

Featuring carefully chosen colours woven into the Colour Strike and Colour Shift tiles that are perfectly complemented by the Splash tiles in matching colours, this range will be preferred by those seeking adventure, sophisticated design and a modern vibe.

The Colour Splash range of plain coloured tiles can be successfully integrated with the exciting new Colour Blok range to be available very soon.

The complete Colour Splash range now includes Apple Splash, Blueberry Splash, Bondi Splash, Crimson Splash, Lilac Splash, Mango Splash, Tangerine Splash, Ash Splash and Jet Splash.