Endless Solar and Hills Solar (a division of Hills Industries) have been recognised for a breakthrough solar hot water system, named GreenPlumbers Energy Efficient Product of the Year at the 2007 GreenPlumbers Awards.

The highly efficient evacuated tube system, developed by Endless Solar , and licensed and distributed through Hills Solar, is the only hot water system to be endorsed by Planet Ark.

The GreenPlumbers Awards are a national industry showcase for environmentally-conscious products and services and are highly regarded by the plumbing, building and design industries.

Endless Solar is a rapidly growing Australian company specialising in solar products that utilise evacuated tube technology. The design is now exclusively licensed to Hills Solar as part of the environmental initiatives of Hills Industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Endless Solar’s gas-boosted evacuated tube solar hot water system is up to 40% more efficient than the traditional flat plate solar heaters and can save the equivalent greenhouse emissions of a family car every year, or around three tonnes of C02.

“The result is an incredibly efficient system to catch and keep the heat of the sun even in extremely cold areas,” said Stephen Standish, Managing Director of Endless Solar Corporation.

"The system is so efficient that it doesn't require full sunlight and can work on cloudy or even rainy days.”

GreenPlumbers is an innovative training and accreditation initiative developed by the Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) as the gateway to a ‘green’ plumbing business.

Accepting the award, Stephen Standish of Endless Solar said, “It’s a great honour to win this prestigious award. We acknowledge all the support of our partners: Hills Solar, Planet Ark and the commitment of the GreenPlumbers to setting the agenda for a sustainable lifestyle.”

Standish says of Hills Solar and Endless Solar’s commitment to sustainability, “We all know about the problems, so it’s wonderful to be part of the solution.”