Endless Solar  offers solar hot water systems by employing evacuated tube technology. Usage of renewable source of energy minimises the energy costs. Installing a solar water heater is acknowledged to be the single biggest act any household can do in order to reduce energy costs and consumption. It is a very efficient solar hot water system and functions even on cloudy or rainy days. It can be installed very easily on any type of roof and also results in less greenhouse emissions. It has a sleek and stylish design. Endless Solar also distributes various products manufactured by Hills Industries.

Solar hot water systems provided by Endless Solar includes gas boosted solar systems using both natural gas as well as LPG, electric-boosted solar system, retrofit packages for hot water systems and replacement collectors for solar hot water systems. Endless Solar hot water systems have unique features such as good durability and self cleaning facility. It is ideal for usage in cold or humid areas. Solar hot water system is a split system comprising of sleek solar collector and an insulated storage tank.

Insulated storage tanks are manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel which can tolerate water temperatures upto 100 degree centigrade. It has an outer casing made of UV stabilised polymer which is resistant to damage and rust. Collectors used in Endless Solar hot water systems are frost tolerant and can withstand upto -15 degree centigrade.