Gone are the days when fine art graced the homes of many a household, with pride of ownership and the ability to recite the artist’s bio.

Nowadays the walls of a home are graced with digital canvases of your mum’s Frangipanni tree, your dad’s boat, or worse… both.

Ella and Sofia , the surface design studio does not believe that either scenario has to be the case. This print studio has an array of beautifully refreshing designs that can cater to a wide variety of people. Intricate, subtle, graphic and strong innovative prints can be found in the forever replenished library. You do not need to substitute your own style by buying an off the shelf mass produced design. Instead you can purchase a stunning canvas, recoloured to your own aesthetics, to create your own separate look.

Ella and Sofia have a wide range of canvas sizes from 30cm x 30cm to 110cm x 100cm. If these sizes do not suit your needs, then they can customise to your requirements. Bespoke artworks can also be commissioned if a canvas or stretched fabric does not suit the project.

So you wanted a print of your mum’s Frangipanni and your dad’s boat, but you’ve now found that after viewing the eclectic and refreshingly different designs found in the Ella and Sofia studio, those type of prints have slipped from your mind – and a whole new understanding of what can grace your interior can be unique, beautiful and original.

However, the Ella and Sofia print and graphics services do not stop there, for those in the fashion and home wares industries. In the past year the Ella and Sofia print studio has supplied a variety of Australian fashion and textile brands with multitudes of creative and innovative exclusive prints. The Ella and Sofia team now intend to broaden their clientele to the international market place. Having a team of strong graphic and print designers, you will be sure to find the print, artwork or graphic you have been looking for. Be it through the Ella and Sofia extensive library or client brief process.

Using a variety of mediums, such as sketching, painting, photography and computer generated artwork, Ella and Sofia make sure that their prints are clearly marked for the clients and just as importantly for the clients printers – colours are clearly set, layers of artwork are separated and all artwork is provided on disc to clients for the ease of both buyer and buyer’s printing communications. There is no need to worry about endless samples being sent back and forth due to misunderstandings on colours, tones or any other specifications. Through this type of brief work, the team are able to bring to fruition the concept of their clients.