To feel comfortable in one’s interior space is a very important thing. Faced with a blank wall many could find themselves wary, or even scared, some excited and adventurous. Whatever one feels about decorating the internal structure that surrounds them, the concept of what a canvas can be should not be limited to paintings, prints and photographs.

If we are to look back to the times of old, you will be able to find a castle or two with tapestries upon the walls. You will also find comparable artifacts covering the walls of African, Asian and South American interiors.

So with all this in mind, the designers at Ella and Sofia were surprised when they began searching for a hanging apparatus to drape their bespoke artwork on. Playing with the idea of -what is a canvas? - and the materials which could be used, they soon found what they could hang their artwork from was limiting.

Not satisfied with the available options, the Ella and Sofia team decided to create something that would be simplistic and subtle for any home. Something which would not detract from the artwork hanging from it - be it a bespoke piece of art, one’s hand made quilt or a stunning Ella and Sofia table runner.

The original Ella and Sofia pleat is made of mahogany and comes in two sizes.