EGR ’s Stylelite high gloss decorative laminate was used extensively at the new Dr. Pepper “Star Bar” lounge area in the brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

The stadium’s grand opening was held on September 20th 2009, and showcased the high gloss decorative laminate on all vertical surfaces in the lounge, including furniture facings, bar facings and cut and trimmed panels in the architecture.

The design group, HKS Brandspace selected Stylelite as they desired a high gloss surface finish that could not be duplicated using regular laminates.

John Whitten of EGR USA said “StyleLite has many uses and the flexibility it offers in design is just one of the reasons it was chosen as the flat surface laminate. The designers fell in love with the high gloss finish, and saw many surfaces of the display that begged for Stylelite. It is a great product. The consistent flatness and high gloss means that very large panels can be developed without the fear of ripples and imperfections – and this is why it is going to be such a popular product. So far, with the limited time that Stylelite has been on the market, we have had tremendous interest. We are entrenching ourselves in a brand new market here in the US, and now that we can offer metallic colours as well, we think the sky is the limit.”

The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium site in Texas, USA covers 73 total acres, and the overall site includes a massive140 acre parcel of land, or just over 56 hectares and the venue can seat up to 100,000 fans.

Johann Stadtler, GM of EGR Extrusion emphasised the quality and resources behind the project saying that the StyleLite high gloss decorative laminate range is technologically advanced, being manufactured on modern equipment to a standard that is world class. “This is a very competitive and price sensitive market, yet the quality of the sheet, its universal flatness and the ability to maintain a consistent extreme high gloss throughout, makes this a fantastic product that we are very proud of.”

StyleLite high gloss decorative laminate is also being reviewed for other large commercial projects within the USA, Australia, Thailand, and in Europe.

With high gloss decorative finishes leading the trend in furniture design globally, Stylelite high gloss decorative laminate is the perfect product.