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    New Zenolite Optical Polymer, High Gloss, Multi-Purpose Acrylic Panel from EGR

    Zenolite® is the high tech and ultra high gloss polymer panel that has the look of glass without its limitations. Available in a wide range of designer colours and sheet sizes, Zenolite® is the perfect way to add colour to your Kitchen, Bar, Boardroom, and Commercial Areas. 

    Simple to install
    Installing Zenolite® is incredibly simple and requires only double sided tape and silicone, the sheets can even be cut onsite with standard wood working tools, eliminating delays associated with last minute building or design changes. 

    Cleaning Zenolite® is very simple and only requires a soft microfiber cloth and a non abrasive soap or household detergent in warm water. Zenolite® is ultra hygienic and inert, and does not promote bacterial or mould growth. 

    Zenolite® has a 10 year indoor UV warranty, has 25 times the impact strength of an equivalent glass panel and will not chip, peel or fade like paint or wood.

    Zenolite® is designed to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible, and only consists of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen, and is 100% recyclable. 

    Zenolite® Plus superior High Gloss decorative panel for shower and bathroom walls
    Zenolite® Plus comes in a range of décor colours and is manufactured from a unique blend of acrylic polymers using advanced technology that delivers high quality and high performance. 

    Zenolite® Plus features an integrated colour layer, a thick optical grade clear layer and a high performance hard coat on the outer surface that has a high chemical and stain resistance, high scratch and ware resistance. 

    Zenolite® Plus is easy to install and will not chip, scratch, warp, stain or discolour from any normal residential or commercial indoor use. 

    The non stick surface of Zenolite® Plus is highly resistant to mould, soap or calcium build up, its also compatible with typical one step shower and glass cleaners. 

    Zenolite® Plus is easy to work with and can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes, it can also be cut onsite with standard wood working tools. Typical panel installation takes about a third of the time or ceramic tiles, as there are no grouting and less joints. 
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