StyleLite provides a few helpful hints to get the desired design outcomes when working with white laminated panels.

For instance, the final shade of white on your cabinetry will depend on whether you have chosen StyleLite’s cool whites or warm whites.

Cool whites have blue or black undertones and work best in a space that receives a large amount of natural light. StyleLite's cool whites, Frost and Arctic will provide a crisp finish in rooms painted in the same cool undertones. This fresh style gives a modern feel and should be complemented with contemporary furnishings.

StyleLite's warm whites, Alabaster, Sierra and Lace have yellow and brown undertones, naturally creating a softer, more traditional vibe in the interior space. These warmer tones work best in spaces that rely heavily on artificial lighting and should be complemented with earthy or neutral-toned furnishings.

StyleLite laminated panels for cabinetry applications are available from EGR.