A custom designed fireplace from EcoSmart Fire was installed in the communal area of the Nu Skin office in the United States to create a gathering place as part of the winter holiday decorations. Nu Skin, a direct selling company based in the United States, commissioned Wadsworth Design to design and install the EcoSmart fireplace into the communal dining and gathering area of the spacious lobby in the office.

According to Mark Wadsworth of Wadsworth Design, the enormous scale of the space demanded a piece of some size that could still fit into the dining and lounge area. He explained that the sleek, modern design of the EcoSmart burner, the combination of a fairly neutral material and colour palette, the subtle texture of the grey granite floor contrasted by bright white walls and significant use of glass, all came together to create a sophisticated and stylish workplace.

Wadsworth Design worked with Nu Skin to create the custom fireplace, discussing everything from functionality to materials. Design highlights of the EcoSmart fireplace included welded steel interior frame, clad in oiled teak; a large burner; polished nickel plated steel with tempered clear glass for the fireplace surround; and movable upholstered cushions for seating. The fireplace comprises of three mobile sections for ease of transport during off-season storage.

The entire project was designed, built and installed in three weeks, with all facets of fabrication handled at Wadsworth Design’s facilities, allowing a quick turnaround on the project. They chose EcoSmart because the brand facilitated a custom design application.

Mark explains that the EcoSmart fireplace is well designed and manufactured, with the simple design adapting to various design approaches. The design team didn’t face any issues with installation. Featuring tall glass sides, the fireplace was positioned at a distance to minimise access to the open flame and hot glass.

EcoSmart’s XL900 fireplace was installed in the Nu Skin office.