For almost 15 years now, Ecoflo Water Management has been supplying waterless toilets.

These waterless toilets don’t smell because their ventilation fans ensure that air flows downward through the toilet pedestal.

In other words, odours never even enter the toilet room. Also, because the breakdown process uses aerobic (with air) decomposition, the main by-products are carbon dioxide and water vapour.

In addition, these waterless toilets are very easy to clean because their pedestals have a larger base and different internal shape than the standard flush toilets. This minimises the risk of soiling.

Any soiling that does occur will usually fall off into the compost chamber. A damp brush with biodegradable detergent or Nature Flush enzymes should be used to clean the bowl from time to time.

Waterless Toilets look just like standard ones. Ecoflo have designed the split system pedestals to look like a standard white flush toilet.