A new era for Nature Loo’s Excelet composting toilet has arrived. The self-contained Excelet unit was first introduced into Nature Loo’s product line in 2010 and has undergone extensive field testing since then.

Manufactured in Australia, the remodelled version (released in September 2013 through ECOFLO Water Management ) mirrors the look of a European wall mounted toilet pedestal.

In this system the pedestal itself houses the compost processing chamber. All fixtures are now quick release which further reduces the average maintenance time down to 10 minutes per month when in full-time use by two people (or less if in part time use).

The four processing chambers that come with the system have been designed to be stackable which has greatly reduced delivery costs, particularly to remote locations.  The two watt fan driven ventilation system has been remodelled to increase the patented airflow through the compost pile and ensure any odours are extracted.

The ventilation fan now sits as a cassette in its housing concealed within the solid fibreglass pedestal. This improves the look of the toilet and reduces noise compared with other makes of self-contained composting toilets.

No electrician is needed for the installation. The 12 volt low wattage fan is easy to exchange with a spare after the set lifespan of the fan has passed (around three to five years).

The entire toilet is installed within a day using a comprehensive DIY installation manual.

Lastly, the movable barrier that obscures the view from the pedestal to the compost chamber has a reinforced support arm and includes a spring forced open and closed position.

With approvals granted by the Queensland, NSW, WA and shortly NT state authorities, the Excelet is set to rival ECOFLO’s Excel in popularity.