The Nature Loo Compact toilet available from Ecoflo Water Management is now available in a stylish white finish.

The self-contained Nature Loo Compact system is designed as a low-cost solution for installation in locations that lack facilities or where finances are a barrier.

Completely different from the conventional camping or mobile home toilets, Nature Loo Compact toilets eliminate any need to collect liquid and solid waste for disposal. The Compact solves this problem with a false floor that directs urine away through a valve at the rear to be collected in a drum or dispersed into a small bathtub sized gravel pit dug outside the toilet. Since only the solid compost remains in the compost chamber, the chamber hardly ever needs to be exchanged or emptied.

Efficient ventilation of the composting toilet is facilitated with the low powered 2-watt fan that constantly draws air from the room and pulls it into the toilet, expelling it out and above the roof line, and keeping the room fresh all the time.