Ecoflo Water Management  has introduced the Pasadero to its range of waterless toilets which has been designed to increase the efficiency of its products in colder climates.

The Pasadero features a urine diverter which has been designed to reduce moisture in the toilet’s processing drum, thus speeding up the decomposing process.

Specialising in the manufacture and distribution of waterless toilets and Greywater systems, Ecoflo Water Management has been helping Australian households save as much as 35,000 litres of water per year.

Ecoflo Water Management's managing director Stuart Elliott said, as well as the water saving benefits, the design of the waterless toilets was very appealing to homeowners.

“The design of our waterless toilets isn’t too far removed from the traditional flushing toilet,” Stuart Elliott said.

“It’s the manner in which the waterless toilets operate that provides the major difference.

“Unlike traditional flushing toilets our waterless toilets do not use one drop of water thus saving households thousands of litres of water each year. The latest addition to the range of products, the Pasadero urine diverter, optimises the performance of the bio system in cooler climates.

“Excessive moisture, under certain conditions, can slow down the decomposing process.

“The diverter takes the waste material to a separate chamber in the processing unit under the floor and uses microbes, air and organic material to naturally break down the waste.

“Once the waste material has been fully decomposed the remaining matter, which has a similar texture to soil, is normally reused in the garden as compost.”

In the bathroom the waterless toilets look like flushing toilets but without the wasteful water cistern. Ecoflo Water Management has just extended its range of bathroom pedestals with new, modern designs to compliment stylish bathrooms.

“Our line of pedestals includes the Pandora, Palisade and Palladium and now the Pasadero which range from classic to sleek and can be colour coordinated with other bathroom colours.

“The new pedestals would compliment any bathroom design and come with different seat options to co-ordinate with existing bathroom fittings.”

The waterless toilets supplied by Ecoflo Water Management do not require a sewer connection and comply with Australian Standards 1546.2 for waterless toilets.

The installation of waterless toilets is controlled by state and local government regulations for treating greywater or waste water.

At Ecoflo Water Management we have a wealth of experience assisting homeowners with obtaining council approval and are happy to assist with the application process,” Stuart Elliott said.