Ecoflo Water Management has manufactured compact, self contained, composting toilet systems which are low cost and ideal for low use situations such as outdoor work, renovations, temporary accommodation, and weekenders. Compact N-L composting toilet systems are not approved for full time use in Australia.

Compact N-L composting toilet systems are waterless toilets and can be converted into the Classic 650 model with a few minor additions. It comes complete with everything required for installation with the exception of an external vent pipe and absorption trench materials, for freight cost reasons.

Unlike conventional composting toilets, Compact N-L composting toilets can sit on the bathroom floor. This makes the composting toilet systems particularly convenient as they require little space.

A number of packages can be arranged by Ecoflo Water Management including the Compact N-L 2 which includes two chambers which double up to form a pedestal. The ventilation system includes a 12 volt fan and transformer. The Compact N-L 3 features three composting chambers and is for higher volume, part time use.