Eco Sac  is a rain water storage company. It helps to save rainwater and recycle it with the eco sac under floor rainwater tank. The eco sac is a flexible bladder tank that can easily fit in sub-floor cavities or under decks allowing rainwater to be stored in homes with small or inaccessible gardens.

Its unique design means that pipe work is locked and fixed in place with no moving parts by virtue of a mounting plate that screws into the galvanised steel frame. The simple but effective design ensures that fixed pipe work is not put under pressure by the rising and falling bladder.

The eco sac under floor rainwater tank is available in 54 different sizes which hold between 2200 litres and 8600 litres. Even more rainwater can be stored by joining multiple bladders together, allowing to get maximum use from the recycled rainwater. It is available throughout Australia and can be installed easily.

The eco sac under floor rainwater tank is made from PVC imported from Sweden and accredited to the AS4020: Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.