The eco sac flexible rainwater bladder tanks, available from Eco Sac , are the ideal way to store large volumes of rainwater without taking up valuable outdoor space.

The eco sac flexible rainwater bladders hide away under houses and decks and all the user needs is a minimum height of only 700mm.

But if one does not has that much height – eco sac is so flexible and can still be installed under a lower deck by lowering the overflow height.

eco sac flexible bladder tanks have no moving parts, which mean that the pipe work does not move at all. It also means there are no ‘o’ rings to lubricate and maintenance is minimal.

There are 66 different sizes of eco sacs allowing up to 8600 litres to be stored in a single sac. More rainwater can be collected simply by joining multiple bladder tanks together with a 100mm manifold; so that all sacs fill at the same rate and maximum storage capacity can be reached.

Overlap welds on all seams and a heavy gauge galvanised steel frame as well as mounting plate to keep the pipework static make eco sac the ideal rainwater bladder tank.

The eco sac rainwater bladder tanks are available through all plumbing merchants.