Eastern Elevators  manufactures an elevator model named ‘Eastern Compact’ in which, as the name suggests, the lift machine room is compact. Eastern Elevators has developed the Eastern Compact, to fit into a cupboard, with the concept of solving the space problem. The machine room can be installed at any lower level as per building requirements. This flexibility of installation enables optimum utilisation of available space for other utility purposes.

The Eastern Compact from Eastern Elevators carries some unique features such as, doing away with a lift motor room at the top of the building, space saving construction, and makes available space to build a penthouse, if required and motor noise from the lifts is kept away from living spaces.

In low and medium height buildings, service will be provided by Eastern Elevators almost immediately. For all the elevating solutions provided by Eastern Elevators, the service provided is cost effective. Lifts manufactured at Eastern Elevators are stated to be energy efficient. Customised lift design services offered by Eastern Elevators include non-contact solid state door scanners, multi functional control button panels, interior fit out, digital floor number and indicators for movement director.

An efficient round the clock maintenance service program is available from Eastern Elevators. This combined with fast delivery and installation undertaken by Eastern Elevators makes elevator installation a cost effective project.