The Eastern Machine Room-less Elevator has been designed to suit hospitals, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, and is a cost effective and practical solution for buildings with a high volume of human traffic, and space confinement. It has a maximum travel height of approximately 52 metres, a speed range of up to 1.6 metres per second, and a load range from 680 kilograms to 1088 kilograms. The Eastern Machine Room-less Elevator also has an inside car height of 2350 millimetres and the option of centre or side opening doors.

What makes this particular elevator unique is that it has no machine room installed at the top of the shaft. As a result, there is no effect on the buildings roof line and there is an increase in the number of top floor units. Motor noise is also kept to a minimum.

The Eastern Machine Room-less Elevator also has economical benefits and gives the customer a greater return on the investment. Eastern Elevators deliver within thirty days which reduced costs, and the installation time is quick as the elevator comes pre-assembled. Eastern Elevators have determined that an average of $4000 is saved per order on the Eastern Machine Room-less Elevators.

The advantages of the Eastern Machine Room-less Elevator include earthquake friendly system in place with jigged guiding, 180 starts per hour, shallow pits, a small control cabinet on the upper level, and an overall smooth ride due to the first class roller shoe suspension.