The Vertex from Eagle Lighting Australia is a highly efficient range of LED luminaires ideal for office and general lighting applications.

Highly efficient LED luminaires without appropriate diffusers can pose a risk to building occupants with unacceptable glare ratings. Vertex masks the harsh micro points of LEDs using a combination of a V-shaped reflector and a CDP diffusing medium, creating a panel of glare-free luminance.

Using a standard spacing of 2.4m x 2.4m, the Vertex achieves 1.5W/m²/100 lux and less than 5% of points over 400 lux. 

Vertex LED luminaires meet or exceed all recommendations as per AS1680 related to luminance limiting and glare index while maintaining an average luminance of 320 lux on the working plane. This makes Vertex LED luminaires an excellent solution for areas that require high visual comfort with minimal environmental impact.