The Pozzo from Eagle Lighting Australia is an innovative range of ceiling lights designed to bring the feeling of daylight into living spaces.

Ideal for interior spaces with limited access to natural light or enclosed areas, Pozzo lets designers experiment with their own architectural creativity in different spaces through a variety of options such as four sizes, three mounting options, two diffuser positions, two diffuser options, LED or fluorescent options, and an RGB LED option.

Featuring a diameter range of 350mm to 1m, Pozzo ceiling luminaires offer a choice of surface, recessed and suspended mounting options, allowing the user to not only create dimension but also implement task lighting.

Equipped with the Microprismatic Delta diffuser, Pozzo offers an unrivalled even spread across the surface, fulfilling the 3000 cd/m² standard for working in front of computer screens.

A light well effect can also be created by adjusting the diffuser to move downward and align with the ceiling or upward. This light well effect brings a sense of daylight into dark and gloomy corridors. 

When the large, bright surface is aligned with the ceiling, light moves towards the sides blending the luminaire with the ceiling. The large round beam effect amplifies the perceived brightness beyond what the lux meter reads, creating bright ambient light. 

Pozzo’s LED RGB option helps create permanent or alternating colour sequences for drama and interest.

Pozzo is ideal for use in a variety of applications including aged care facilities, hospitals, offices and general indoor areas.