Dynamic Composite Technologies presents Proctor Wrapshield High Tensile (HT), a range of breather membranes designed as an essential component of modern roof construction to prevent moisture ingress.      

Increased insulation at ceiling level in addition to improvements in the air tightness of buildings have a significant impact on the amount of vapour-laden air entering a cold roof space and causing damaging condensation.  

Properly installed breather membranes prevent water ingress into the building from wind-driven rain and also facilitate the safe passage of vapour beyond the vapour permeable membrane without condensing.  

Proctor Wrapshield High Tensile (HT) is a UV-stabilised, rot-proof and tear-resistant 3-ply spun bonded polypropylene fabric with reinforcement scrim.

Designed for use under tiled roofs, these breather membranes protect the insulation and the building fabric from moisture ingress during construction and for the life of the building.  

Superior to conventional foil products, Wrapshield HT breather membranes let the building breathe with their high vapour permeability. In temperate climates, the membrane permits vapour to escape without reaching dew point, preventing condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.  

Wrapshield HT vapour permeable breather membranes meet the stringent AS/NZS 4200.1 requirement for classification as a medium duty membrane for use under tiled roofs.  

Wrapshield HT textile membranes are highly durable, strong and lightweight, and can easily withstand wind exposure and other environmental conditions to last the lifetime of the building. The breather membranes are highly effective even in corrosive coastal environments, and will not interrupt television and radio signals. 

Key features of Wrapshield HT breather membranes: 

  • High vapour permeability prevents condensation   
  • Prevents moisture ingress into buildings 
  • Suitable for use under tiled roofs 
  • UV stabilised for 2 months’ exposure during construction 
  • Strong, flexible and lightweight for ease of installation       
  • High mould resistance 
  • Superior nail tear resistance and nail seal  
  • Tested to AS/NZS 4200.1 requirement