Dynamic Composite Technologies introduces a new product that combines traditional plasterboard with rigid thermal insulation to allow quick installation.

The DCT Thermalcheck Super offers two services in a single product, enabling plasterers to accomplish the job without having to rely on the insulation trade. DCT Thermalcheck Super is a new range of thermal laminates from Dynamic Composite Technologies that enables plasterers to install rigid thermal insulation simultaneously with plasterboard. Using an innovative lamination process the materials are bonded together to form a single board product that can be installed much like plasterboard.

Doug Lavender, an industry leader, plans to install this type of product in his own home renovation. Doug explained that he had chosen to use this product particularly due to the space he was working in and the ease of installation. He sought a product with a low profile thickness that wouldn’t impact greatly on the ceiling height and could be finished similar to the other plasterboard ceilings.

Dynamic Composite Technologies Director, Paul Johnson recommended the DCT Thermalcheck Super for this application. DCT Thermalcheck Super can be installed directly over the existing ceiling without the need for ‘height-reducing’ battens and provides an additional R value of 1.19 for the 35mm product. Its plasterboard face allows it to be finished and painted as standard plasterboard.

Paul explains that this style of product has only recently made it to Australian shores despite being used in Europe for a number of decades. He adds thermal laminates such as Thermalcheck offer efficiency in terms of their thermal performance as well as installation time.