Increased consideration is being given to the design of building facades. They are becoming more complex, and therefore the need for a more detailed, structured and collaborative approach is required. 

Aesthetics and performance drive the initial thought process, while the design of the facade can incorporate different types of material. With this comes the challenge of creating an efficient and appropriate method of installation and support.

There are a huge range of facade appearances and optimum layout options for the facade designer to consider, each of which must be optimised and safely engineered.

To deliver a cost-effective project on time, the answer is Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding.

Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding Systems, distributed by Dynamic Composite Technologies , is a system solution for exterior architectural facades.

An outer skin of rear ventilated cladding is attached to either a new or existing building and often consists of an outer panel, a ventilated cavity and an inner leaf.

As a double wall construction, the Rainscreen system’s outer layer keeps out the rain and an inner layer provides insulation and prevents excessive air leakage.

Additionally, the double wall reduces the mechanical stress on the main structure.

Developed from the highest specification alloys, the cladding systems are suitable for supporting even the most demanding cladding materials, while ensuring the exterior cladding system brackets and grid systems are safe and optimised with design support services.

Nvelope facades can improve the aesthetics of buildings as well as increase thermal performance through the ingress of air at the bass of the system and the egress of air at the top.

An almost infinite range of facade appearances and layout options are available, with Dynamic Composite Technologies offering an extensive solution for the most challenging of architectural designs.