Proctor Wrapshield corners available from Dynamic Composite Technologies are a range of vapour permeable factory formed window sealants made from a robust 3-ply polypropylene textile.  

Proctor Wrapshield corners protect the building fabric and insulation from moisture ingress for the life of the building. Made using a unique welding process in the UK for ease of installation, the window sealant prevents ingress of moisture while allowing the building to breathe with its permeability.  

In addition to keeping out wind-driven rain and drafts, the window sealing permits vapour to escape without reaching dew point to prevent internal condensation and associated problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance of the insulation.  

Top moisture-related problems in window surrounds:  

  • Difficult to insulate causing thermal bridging 
  • Condensate from the windows often leaks into the structure 
  • Wind-driven rain ingress 
  • Moisture ingress from internal condensation 
  • Durability of sealants is limited 
  • Material expansion and contraction at different rates lead to gaps, leakage and reduced water holdout 
  • Windows need to be opened and closed 
Proctor Wrapshield window corners are suitable for window surrounds, skylight surrounds, door surrounds and balcony abutments.  

Key benefits of Wrapshield Flashing factory formed corners: 

  • High vapour permeability 
  • High water holdout (over 3m head of water) 
  • Vapour permeable air barrier 
  • Factory assured quality assurance 
  • Achieves 100% sealing 
  • Eliminates measure and cut errors during installation