Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Avance from Dynamic Composite Technologies can be used for several applications:  

Conventional Roofing  
In conventional roofs, insulation is fitted under the protective covering (often a membrane) that is mechanically fastened, fully adhered or fully ballasted. This results in the need for am insulation that provides high insulation value, strength, durability and a proven performance in moist environments.  

Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Avance is highly resistant to water and water vapour, durable, and has a high level of compressive strength.  

Low Temperature Roofs  
The need for costly, labour-intensive thermal barriers on metal decks can be eliminated by installing Dow Styrofoam Deckmate and Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Plus.  

Dow Styrofoam Deckmate and Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Plus help to prevent cold-storage roof systems from absorbing moisture that can compromise insulating effectiveness. Dow Styrofoam Deckmate and Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Plus have a closed-cell structure that ensures high resistance to water vapour penetration and long-term retention of R-Values.  

Steep Slope Roofing  
Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Avance can be installed directly onto a structural steel deck beneath a sheet membrane, eliminating the need for a thermal barrier. Dow Styrofoam Deckmate Avance is durable, has a high compressive strength rating, a high level of freeze-thaw resistance and requires minimal labour and installation time, making it ideal for use in steep slope roofing constructions.