Glasbord FRP wall and ceiling panels from Crane Composites were selected for installation in the cool rooms of a beachside restaurant in Sydney to keep the seafood fresh.  

Doyles on the Beach located in Watsons Bay, NSW is an iconic restaurant in Sydney and is known for its fresh seafood and great service.  

The expansive kitchen at Doyles boasts three separate cool rooms, keeping the seafood and ingredients at their best. The cool rooms were retrofitted in 1988 using expanded polystyrene insulation finished with a Colorbond lining. Over the years, the Colorbond lining started showing signs of rust and began to flake, raising concerns over food and hygiene standards in the cool rooms.  

Eventually, the voids in the Colorbond lining would allow moisture in the form of vapour to impregnate the insulation, permitting mould and bacteria to form and also reduce the retained effectiveness of the insulation by up to a staggering 94%.  

The restaurant decided to replace the existing insulation with Glasbord FRP wall and ceiling panels from Crane Composites.  

Glasbord FRP wall and ceiling panels have a high hygiene factor and come with a durable finish. Available in 1.22m x 3.05m panels, Glasbord insulation panels can easily and quickly be installed by two operators directly over existing rusty steel panels and broken tiles, instantly re-invigorating tired rooms.  

The first noticeable advantage post-installation of Glasbord FRP wall and ceiling panels was the quick transformation in cooling. There was no unpleasant polyester resin odour either, which is normally attributed to fibreglass since Sika’s odourless adhesive was used for the installation, allowing Doyles on the Beach to resume operations quickly.    

Long-term benefits of Glasbord FRP wall panels and ceiling panels include excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and moisture. Glasbord panels will not harbour mould, mildew or bacteria, and are easy to clean.  

Glasbord is commonly employed in the USA, Europe and Australia and meets international and Australian Standards including AS3837, AS1530, AS4674, BCA, HACCP, USDA and AQIS.  

Glasbord is available in Australia through Dynamic Composite Technologies .